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Updated: Sep 22

To begin this "Work Out Loud" first move, I have decided to share the Bio/Abstract I created on June 27, 2019, as I excitedly prepared for the application to the 2019 Starcon Tech conference. I was so fired up after listening to Angie Jones and Stacy Kirk's stories of struggle and success at our internal Women's retreat. We often have great plans for ourselves and those around us but we get derailed by the journey of life. It's important to remember that this is all apart of the journey so don't beat yourself up. Just do it. On this note, I'm excited to share my introductory bio. I hope to share inspiring and informative stories. Welcome to Agile Creations Ja :)


A Software QA Consultant based in Jamaica, where I work with a tech innovation company. I have worked in a variety of capacities over the last 5 years and have made the transitional journey from business to the tech world through identifying ways to transfer my skills and build relationships that open doors to opportunities in technology.

I have been a co-owner of a family-owned interior decorating business, while attending University, raising a younger sibling, and working in the Graphic Design industry. My passion for technology and QA started when I took an opportunity to work as an Executive Assistant to a well-known tech CEO. Through a rebranding project for the organization, using my visual communication aptitudes allowed me to progress naturally into my current QA Role. Abstract: How did a passion for Graphic Design, running an interior decorating business and working in operations help transition over into software development and testing? When looking to break into the technology industry, non-tech persons can be the secret weapon for a tech company because we bring different perspectives to the team which can have a positive impact on the product. In my speech, I will present my journey from Business to Graphics to Technology and how I have used serendipitous skills to help me advance in the QA role. I have learnt many lessons and gathered unlimited ideas from my experiences and will share through my presentation how those experiences from different spheres of the business world can be applied to technology.

I pioneer software QA as an entry point to a career in Tech and I hope to motivate other women to use their strong work ethic, unique perspectives and exceptional soft skills to join the tech industry.


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