What is an Agile Workspace?

An agile workspace is a space that is the total opposite of traditional office space. Instead of cubicles and blocked off private rooms, it contains more glass walls and open areas. It is a collaborative workspace that is flexible and adaptable to various personalities and tasks in an office. It is a workspace designed in a way to maximize the use of space. According to <> it is based mainly on agile working.

This design is heavily rooted in Minimalist design and as such may this investment, particularly in ergonomic and environmentally-friendly furnishings.

The floor plan of this space is an open concept with additional elements to foster the changing team needs. The agile workspace is a great layout that supports the needs of individuals, teams, and groups. If you have a business that values results rather than attendance, an agile workspace will help you. Businesses in the tech industry use an agile workspace, but the implementation is not limited and can span across multiple industries as long as your aim is employee productivity and engagement. If you are a business owner with a physical location during COVID I can only imagine Here are some reasons why this workspace design type matters to your business:

1. Boost your team collaboration, engagement, productivity, and innovation by incorporating agile working and your brand values.

2. Save money - Our interior design style is classy, modern, and chic. With our knowledge, we can help relieve the stresses of confirming the finer details of the interior.

3. We believe that our workspaces should work for us, not the other way around. Therefore, the functionality and flexibility of the space are so important. Especially in this day and age, given COVID 19. Agile workspaces can be customized and optimized based on the team’s needs. From companies in the tech industry who have adopted agile working as part of their normal operations. In other words, they are tagged with ‘Agile Teams’ (More on agile working: <https://knowledge-leader.colliers.com/sven_moller/answers-commonly-asked-questions-agile-working/> An employee’s workday consists of the following: Arrival, Startup day/breakfast, Meetings/Standups, Lunch, Meeting, etc. An agile workspace consists of the following areas to meet these daily needs of teams: 1. Quiet Zone

2. Breakout area

3. Open Floor plan This space encourages informal communication among teams which we’ve noticed increases the overall team bond and productivity. 4. Collaborative Spaces

5. Touchdown area

When we include these spaces in our layouts, the results are that each individual can find a comfortable space to work in throughout the days with ease. This greatly impacts performance. We have inserted all these elements/spaces into our layouts and the results are always favorable. Adopting an agile workspace for your business will allow you to be able to satisfy the team's need for comfort and change. I’ve heard open offices distract people. Do open workspaces distract employees from everyday tasks and work?

In our experience, we’ve found that the management strategy and culture of the company are important in the success of open workspaces. Also, this is why the 4 elements mentioned above are critical. If the main workspaces become too noisy, the quiet zones are created specifically to allow individuals a chance to get away from the noise. Additionally, incorporating acoustic panels and soft furnishings such as cushioned chairs and carpets help to absorb the sounds in the rooms. Essentially, making the space more soundproof.

Since COVID 19 - Workspaces are no longer able to have as many people in the office because of the social distancing 6-foot requirement. Therefore, I’d expect noisy levels to reduce. We strongly believe that this will be the future of design for all spaces. We already see signs of this based on the data that XX% of business owners who have implemented this kind of design have noticed drastic increases in productivity and feel happy knowing that their investment in this design strategy has been worth it in the long term. Book your free consultation here! OR...

Download your starter guide checklist to help get started in defining if you need an agile workspace for your team.

(This checklist will help guide you in terms of the item needed to truly make space work for you and your team)

As we have seen with COVID, many unforeseen events can affect the workplace. As such, preparation and responsiveness are the most important. Developing an agile workspace is a smart investment today and in the future. The Agile manifesto states, “value people over processes”. This approach allows you to take care of your most valued assets, your people, responsively, and efficiently.

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